Smooth color blend of surfaces

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Value Summary

InheritedFlat, or Smooth


Using Shading, a smooth color blend of triangulated surfaces can be (de-)activated.

Most surfaces in 3D are triangulated for display. The triangles are then drawn using Gouraud-shading to achieve a smooth visual effect. Using Shading = Flat, you can instruct the viewer to display the plain triangles.


Example 1

Reducing the mesh density of a surface usually has more effect on its outer rim than on the display of the middle:

plot(plot::Spherical([1, u, v], u=0..PI, v=0..2*PI,
                     UMesh=5, VMesh=5))

Setting Shading = Flat, you can see the triangles from which the sphere is constructed:

plot(plot::Spherical([1, u, v], u=0..PI, v=0..2*PI,
                     UMesh=5, VMesh=5),
     Shading = Flat)

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