Presentation style of points

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Value Summary

InheritedSquares, FilledSquares, Circles, FilledCircles, Crosses, XCrosses, Diamonds, FilledDiamonds, or Stars (2D),FilledSquares or FilledCircles (3D)


PointStyle determines the presentation style of points. The various styles are demonstrated in Example 1.

In 3D, only two styles FilledCircles and FilledSquares are supported by the renderer.

Many graphical objects such as curves, surfaces etc. are approximated by a numerical mesh. With PointsVisible = TRUE, the points of this mesh become visible. These points react to PointStyle.

PointStyle cannot be animated.


Example 1

We plot 2D points in all available styles:

styles := [Circles, FilledCircles, 
           Crosses, XCrosses, 
           Diamonds, FilledDiamonds, 
           Squares, FilledSquares, 
points := null():
for i from 1 to nops(styles) do
  points := points, 
            plot::Point2d([i, i], PointStyle = styles[i],
                          Title = expr2text(styles[i]),
                          TitlePosition = [i + 0.3, i - 0.15]):
plot(points, PointSize = 3*unit::mm, Axes = None,
     TitleAlignment = Left):

delete styles, points, i:

Example 2

In 3D, the renderer only supports the point styles FilledCircles and FilledSquares:

plot(plot::Point3d([-1, -1, 0], PointStyle = FilledCircles,
                   Title = "FilledCircles",
                   TitlePosition = [-1, -0.8, 0]),
     plot::Point3d([1, 1, 0], PointStyle = FilledSquares,
                   Title = "FilledSquares",
                   TitlePosition = [1, 1.2, 0]),
     PointSize = 3*unit::mm, 
     ViewingBox = [-2..2, -2..2, 0..1],
     CameraDirection = [0, -1, 1000]):

Example 3

We can access the PointStyle attribute from a point and change it:

p := plot::Point2d(1, 2):
p::PointStyle := Diamonds:

delete p:

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