Secondary point color for color blends

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ObjectsPointColor2 Default Values


PointColor2 sets the secondary point color in objects of type plot::SparseMatrixplot.

Objects of type plot::SparseMatrixplot color their points according to the attribute PointColorType = Flat or PointColorType = Dichromatic, respectively.

With PointColorType = Flat, all points in a plot::SparseMatrixplot object are displayed in the color given by PointColor.

With PointColorType = Dichromatic, the points are colored differently using a color blend from the color PointColor to the color PointColor2. The actual color of a point indicates the size of the matrix entry visualized by plot::SparseMatrixplot.

PointColor corresponds to small matrix entries, PointColor2 corresponds to large matrix entries.


Example 1

We create a 30×50 matrix with 500 random entries.

smp := plot::SparseMatrixplot(
             matrix::random(30, 50, 500, frandom)):

We use the color type Dichromatic and request a dark green for large matrix entries and a light green for small matrix entries:

smp::PointColorType := Dichromatic:
smp::PointColor := RGB::LightGreen:
smp::PointColor2 := RGB::DarkGreen:
smp::PointStyle := FilledDiamonds:
smp::PointSize := 2.5*unit::mm:

The secondary color is changed to a dark red:

smp::PointColor2 := RGB::DarkRed:

delete smp:

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