Visibility of irregular mesh lines in 3D

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Value Summary

InheritedFALSE, or TRUE


MeshVisible = TRUE versus MeshVisible = FALSE controls the visibility of the irregular mesh defining surfaces that are either computed by an adaptive algorithm or are given explicitly by a triangulation.

3D function plots and parametrized surfaces are usually defined over a regular mesh. When setting AdaptiveMesh = n with n > 0, an irregular adaptive mesh is created that refines the graphical object automatically in critical regions.

While visibility of the regular mesh is controlled by the attributes XLinesVisible, YLinesVisible or ULinesVisible, VLinesVisible, respectively, the visibility of the adaptively refined mesh is set MeshVisible.

Also special surfaces created from a given triangulation such as plot::SurfaceSet and plot::SurfaceSTL allow to make the triangulation visible by setting MeshVisible = TRUE.

The irregular mesh lines switched on by MeshVisible = TRUE react to the attributes LineColor, LineStyle, and LineWidth.


Example 1

We create a 3D function plot:

plot(plot::Function3d(sin(x*y), x = -3..3, y = -3..3))

By default, only the regular mesh is visible, even if adaptive evaluation is used:

plot(plot::Function3d(sin(x*y), x = -3..3, y = -3..3,
                      AdaptiveMesh = 2))

The irregular mesh is made visible when using MeshVisible = TRUE:

plot(plot::Function3d(sin(x*y), x = -3..3, y = -3..3,
                      AdaptiveMesh = 2, MeshVisible = TRUE))

A 3D plot of an implicit surface does not have regular mesh lines. We plot such a surface with and without the irregular mesh:

plot(plot::Implicit3d(z^4 + z^2 - x^2 + y^3,
                      x = -1..1, y = -1..1, z = -1..1,
                      MeshVisible = TRUE))

plot(plot::Implicit3d(z^4 + z^2 - x^2 + y^3,
                      x = -1..1, y = -1..1, z = -1..1,
                      MeshVisible = FALSE))

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