AxesTitleFont, FooterFont, HeaderFont, LegendFont, TextFont, TicksLabelFont, TitleFont

Font of axes titles

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Value Summary

AxesTitleFont, FooterFont, HeaderFont, LegendFont, TextFont, TicksLabelFont, TitleFontInheritedFont definition

Graphics Primitives

ObjectsDefault Values
plot::CoordinateSystem2d, plot::CoordinateSystem3d

AxesTitleFont: [" sans-serif ", 10]

TicksLabelFont: [" sans-serif ", 8]


FooterFont, HeaderFont: [" sans-serif ", 12]

plot::Scene2d, plot::Scene3d

FooterFont, HeaderFont: [" sans-serif ", 12]

LegendFont: [" sans-serif ", 8]

plot::Integral, plot::Piechart2d, plot::Piechart3d, plot::Text2d, plot::Text3d

TextFont, TitleFont: [" sans-serif ", 11]


AxesTitleFont etc. determine the fonts to be used for axes titles etc.

A font is specified as follows:

XXXFont = [< family >, < size >, <<Bold>>, <<Italic>, < color >>, < alignment >]

The meaning of the parameters is as follows.


Font family name: a string.

The available font families depend on the fonts that are installed on your machine. For example, typical font families available on Windows® systems are "Times New Roman" (of type “serif”), "Arial" (of type “sans-serif”), or "Courier New" (of type “monospace”).

To find out which fonts are available on your machine, open the menu “Format”, submenu “Font” in your MuPAD® notebook. The first column in the font dialog provides the names of the font families that you may specify. You may also specify one the three generic family names "serif", "sans-serif", or "monospace", and the system will automatically choose one of the available font families of the specified type for you.

sizeSize of the font in integral points: a positive integer.
BoldIf specified, the font is bold.
ItalicIf specified, the font is italic.
colorRGB color value: a list of 3 numerical values between 0 and 1
alignmentText alignment in case of new-lines: one of the flags Left, Center, or Right.

All font parameters are optional; some default values are chosen for entries that are not specified. For example, if you do not care about the footer font family for your plot, but you insist on a specific font size, you may specify an 18 pt font for the canvas footer by FooterFont = [18].


Example 1

We specify the font for the canvas header:

plot(plot::Function2d(sin(x), x = 0 .. 2*PI),
     Header = "The sine function",
     HeaderFont = ["monospace", 14, Bold])

We specify a font size of 18 pt for the canvas footer:

plot(plot::Function2d(sin(x), x = 0 .. 2*PI),
     Footer = "The sine function", FooterFont = [18])

Example 2

Display Greek characters for the tick labels:

plot(plot::Function2d(cos(x), x = -PI..PI),
     XTicksNumber = None,
     XTicksAt = [-PI/2 = "-π/2", PI = "π"])

You can change the appearance of Greek characters by specifying the font. Note that this font is used for all tick labels.

plot(plot::Function2d(cos(x), x = -PI..PI),
     XTicksNumber = None,
     XTicksAt = [-PI/2 = "-π/2", PI = "π"],
     TicksLabelFont = ["Times New Roman", 12])