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Class: soc.sdk.BoardSupport
Package: soc.sdk

Map a board support feature to the hardware board

Since R2019b




map(boardSupportObj,hardwareObj,displayName) maps a soc.sdk.Hardware object to the soc.sdk.BoardSupport object with a display name of displayName. Saving the soc.sdk.BoardSupport object, using the save function, adds the displayName as a new entry to the Hardware board selection in the Simulation-on-Chip tab. If the hardwareObj and displayName arguments are cell arrays of objects, then each display name adds a new unique entry to the Hardware board selection for the corresponding hardware board.

map(boardSupportObj,hardwareObj,featureObj) maps a feature of the BoardSupport object to the Hardware object. Saving a BoardSupport object, using the save function, enables the mapped features in the Simulink® configuration parameters for your hardware board.

map(boardSupportObj,hardwareObj,featureObject,IOInterfaceName) maps a feature object of the BoardSupport object to a Hardware object. The feature object will use the I/O interface, EthernetInterface or SerialInterface, of the Hardware object with the Name property equal to IOInterfaceName.

map(boardSupportObj,featureObj) maps a feature object from the referenced board support to the BoardSupport object.

Input Arguments

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BoardSupport object, specified as an soc.sdk.BoardSupport object, defines a hardware board that you can use with the SoC Blockset™ features.

soc.sdk.Hardware object mapped to the soc.sdk.BoardSupport object.

Feature objects include the Deployer, soc.sdk.Profiler, soc.sdk.PIL, soc.sdk.OperatingSystem, and objects. The feature objects must be added to the soc.sdk.BoardSupport object using the respective addNew method, such as addNewProfiler, prior to mapping the feature.

Data Types: cell

Display name matching the Name property of an EthernetInterface or SerialInterface object for the Hardware object.

Example: "MySerialInterface"

Data Types: string | char | cell

Display name of the soc.sdk.Hardware object. After saving the soc.sdk.BoardSupport object using the save function, the display name becomes a choice in the Hardware board selection on the Simulation-on-Chip tab.

Example: "MyHardwareBoard"

Example: {"MyHardwareBoard","MyOtherHardwareBoard"}

Data Types: string | char | cell

Version History

Introduced in R2019b