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Class: soc.sdk.BoardSupport
Package: soc.sdk

Identifies features mapped to the hardware

Since R2019b


tf = isMapped(targetObj,hardwareObject,featureObj)


tf = isMapped(targetObj,hardwareObject,featureObj) returns map status the feature object, featureObject is mapped to the soc.sdk.Hardware object.

Input Arguments

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BoardSupport object, specified as an soc.sdk.BoardSupport object, defines a hardware board that you can use with the SoC Blockset™ features.

soc.sdk.Hardware object mapped to the soc.sdk.BoardSupport object.

Feature objects include the Deployer, soc.sdk.Profiler, soc.sdk.PIL, soc.sdk.OperatingSystem, and objects. The feature objects must be added to the soc.sdk.BoardSupport object using the respective addNew method, such as addNewProfiler, prior to mapping the feature.

Data Types: cell

Output Arguments

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Status of a feature object as mapped to Hardware object.

Data Types: logical

Version History

Introduced in R2019b

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