Design custom filter for Analog Devices AD9361 RF chip




designCustomFilter(x) opens the ADI filter wizard application. Use the ADI filter wizard to change the default filter design applied to the filter chain in the receiver or transmitter System object™ specified by x. The wizard enables you to design a custom filter for the Analog Devices® AD9361 RF chip based on the BasebandSampleRate property of the object. You can adjust and optimize the settings for calculating the analog filters, the interpolation and decimation filters, and the FIR coefficients.

The ADI filter wizard requires the following MathWorks® products:


  • Signal Processing Toolbox™

  • DSP System Toolbox™

For instructions on operating the ADI filter wizard, visit the Analog Devices website at MATLAB Filter Design Wizard for AD9361.

For more information, see Baseband Sampling Rate and Filter Chains.


Change Filter Design in Transmitter

Create a transmitter System object, then open the ADI Filter Wizard.

tx = sdrtx('E310');

Design a new filter. To transfer the new filter settings to the object, click Apply filter design.

Input Arguments

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Receiver or transmitter System object, specified as a comm.SDRRxE310 or comm.SDRTxE310 object, respectively.

  • To create a receiver System object, use the sdrrx function.

  • To create a transmitter System object, use the sdrtx function.

Introduced in R2016b