Test connection between host and radio hardware



testConnection(dev) tests the connection to the radio hardware specified by dev. The function checks the hardware-software compatibility, the data paths between host and radio hardware, and the RF loopback.

Before calling the function, make sure the SD card configured during hardware setup is inserted into the reader of the radio hardware. You can also configure an SD card by using the downloadImage function.

For the RF loopback test, connect a cable or antenna to the transmit-and-receive connectors.


testConnection(dev,HostIPAddress) also tests the network connection of the host computer specified by HostIPAddress.


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Test connection to radio hardware interfaced with a comm.SDRDevE3xx radio object.

dev = sdrdev('E3xx');
## Pinging radio IP address
## Checking compatibility of software with hardware
## Testing data path from Zynq board to host
## All tests PASSED.

Input Arguments

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Interface to radio hardware, specified as one of these radio objects:

To create these objects, use the sdrdev function.

IP address of the host network connection, specified as a dotted-quad character vector. This IP address is configured during hardware setup. See Guided Host-Radio Hardware Setup.

Introduced in R2016b