Get radio hardware information


info(dev) returns information about the radio hardware specified by dev. The information includes the radio hardware name and version.

Before calling the info function, make sure the SD card configured during hardware setup is inserted into the reader of the radio hardware. You can also configure an SD card by using the downloadImage function.


hwinfo = info(dev) returns the information in the structure array hwinfo.


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Get information about the radio hardware interfaced with a comm.SDRDevE3xx radio object.

dev = sdrdev('E3xx');
hwinfo = info(dev);
## Establishing connection to hardware. This process can take several seconds.

hwinfo = 

  struct with fields:

       Status: 'Full information'
       libiio: 'Host version: 0.17.g5bdc242'
          HDL: 'PCORE Version: 10.0b'
    Bitstream: ''E310' default bitstream, Path: /mnt/system.bit, 
               MD5: c248af50bff03fb6f4fb4150ab6d2d1a''

Input Arguments

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Interface to radio hardware, specified as one of these radio objects:

To create these objects, use the sdrdev function.

Output Arguments

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Information about the radio hardware specified by dev, returned as a structure array.

Introduced in R2016b