Channel I/O

The ADALM-PLUTO radio contains a single channel for either sending or receiving.

Transmit Data Using ADALM-PLUTO Radio Block

The ADALM-PLUTO radio transmitter block prepares input data for transmission using the ADALM-PLUTO radio hardware.


Use the ADALM-PLUTO transmitter block to transmit data input from a GSMK modulator block.

Connect a GMSK modulator to the ADALM-PLUTO transmitter input and to indicate when transmitted data is lost use the underflow output. Here a counter and a display output indicate a running total of data underflows. No data has been lost if the display shows 0.

Receive Data Using ADALM-PLUTO Radio Block


Use the ADALM-PLUTO receiver block to process data received over the air by an ADALM-PLUTO radio.

In this example clear the Enable output port for overflow indicator to hide that output. Connect a constant block and a slider block to specify the center frequency for signal to reception. At the output connect an FM broadcast demodulator an enable input.

Transmit Data Using ADALM-PLUTO Radio System Object

Create a transmitter System object™ for ADALM-PLUTO radio hardware.

tx = sdrtx('Pluto', ...
            'RadioID','usb:0', ...
            'CenterFrequency',2.4e9, ...

Create a comm.DPSKModulator System object to modulate the transmitted signals.

dpskMod = comm.DPSKModulator('BitInput',true);

Transmit data.

for counter = 1:20
   data = randi([0 1],30,1);

Release the System object.


Receive Data Using ADALM-PLUTO Radio System Object

Create a receiver System object for ADALM-PLUTO radio hardware.

rx = sdrrx('Pluto');

Receive data.

data = rx();

Release the System object.


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