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External Mode

Communication interface

Select the transport layer External mode uses to exchange data between the host computer and the target hardware.


Default:TCP/IP, XCP on TCP/IP

Run external mode in a background thread

Force the external mode task in the generated code to execute in a background thread.

When external mode runs in the model thread, external mode executes after each execution step of the model and collects data at the base rate of the model. When model code consumes most of the thread execution time in each time step, external mode execution overruns into the next time step. This overrun delays the start of the next model execution step and degrades the real-time behavior of the deployed model.

You can configure external mode to run in a background thread. When external mode runs in a background thread, it executes in the time between the end of model code of one time step and the start of the next time step. By not blocking the model step, external mode can be used in systems that require real-time execution. This configuration enables direct observation of the deployed model on the hardware board as it would behave in standalone operation. This diagram shows the execution timing of external mode running in the foreground and background threads.

When model code consumes most of the execution time for each time step, external mode in the background thread starves for execution time. Without sufficient time to collect and transmit data from the hardware board to the host computer, data packets drop. This case results in gaps in the data logging.

To help avoid dropped data packets in deployed models where real-time execution takes priority over data logging, configure external mode to operate as a background task.


Enabling the Run external mode in a background thread parameter is not recommended for models that use a very small time step or that might encounter task overruns. These situations can cause Simulink® to become unresponsive.



IP Address

Enter the IP address of the target hardware. By default, this value is an environment variable, $(SOCFPGA_IPADDRESS), which reuses the IP address from the most recent connection to the target hardware.




Set the value of the TCP/IP port number, from 1024 to 65535. External mode uses this IP port for communication between the target hardware and host computer.


Default: 17725


Select this check box to view the external mode execution progress and updates in the Diagnostic Viewer or in the MATLAB® command window.


Default: disabled

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