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Multiprocessor Sample Model

This example shows a minimal multiprocessor model representing an TI Delfino F2837xD hardware board that contains a pair of C28x architectures processors in the same microcontroller die.

Each reference model, driven by the Task Manager, contains a free running counter and gain. The first model, soc_minimal_multiCPU_ref1, runs a timer task with a period of 0.01 and median task duration of 0.008. The second model, soc_minimalCPU_ref2, runs a timer driven task with a period of 0.02 and median task duration of 0.018. To run the simulation, on the Simulation tab, click Run.

Inspecting the execution timing of the two tasks, Task11 and Task21, shows that each task executes independently of the other, simulating the expected behavior of the multiprocessor TI Delfino F2837xD device.