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Class: soc.sdk.BoardSupport
Namespace: soc.sdk

Save the BoardSupport object and data to its folder

Since R2019b




save(boardSupportObj) saves the soc.sdk.BoardSupport object and data. As part of the save, this function creates the board support framework and saves the board support data into the respective files in the framework.

During the save, the board support framework and files are updated to reflect the BoardSupport object. If the board support framework does not exist, they will be created. Similarly, if the board support framework does not correctly reflect the BoardSupport object data, it will be updated so that it does.


The save method does not save the added paths. To develop a board support framework over multiple MATLAB® sessions, you must save the updated path using the savepath function.

Input Arguments

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BoardSupport object, specified as an soc.sdk.BoardSupport object, defines a hardware board that you can use with the SoC Blockset™ features.

Version History

Introduced in R2019b