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Force polling mode

Enables polling mode — instead of interrupt-driven mode — for clocking the real-time application. Polling mode can be useful for reducing sample time jitter. But, enabling this option causes the real-time application to consume a CPU core completely to clock and execute the base rate.


Default: off


When Force polling mode is disabled, the real-time application is clocked by a timer interrupt, unless the base sample rate is equal to or below the polling threshold (100 μs). If the base sample rate is less than or equal to the threshold, the real-time application is clocked in polling mode.


When Force polling mode is enabled, the real-time application is always clocked in polling mode.

Command-Line Information

Parameter: SLRTForcePollingMode
Type: character vector
Value: 'off' | 'on'
Default: 'off'

Related Real-Time Application Option

The SLRTForcePollingMode configuration parameter sets the initial value for the pollingThreshold option when you build the real-time application. Enabling SLRTForcePollingMode sets the pollingThreshold to a value above the base sample rate. This setting forces clocking the real-time application in polling mode.

Option: pollingThreshold