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Install and check Simulink 3D Animation components


vrinstall action
x = vrinstall('action')



Type of action for this function. Values are -interactive, -selftest, -check, -install, and -uninstall.


You use this function to install on Windows® platforms the Ligos® V-Realm Builder. The V-Realm Builder is an optional virtual world editor. For details, see Install V-Realm Editor.


The vrinstall command does no perform any action on a Linux® platform.

The actions you can perform

Action ValueDescription


Checks the integrity of the current installation. If this function reports an error, you should reinstall the Simulink® 3D Animation™ software. The function vrinstall automatically does a self-test with any other actions.


Checks for the installed components, and then displays a list of uninstalled components you can choose to install.


Checks the installation of optional components. If the given component is installed, returns 1. If the given component is not installed, returns 0. If you do not specify a component, displays a list of components and their status.


Installs optional components. This action requires you to specify the component name.


Uninstalls optional components. This option is currently available for the editor only. Note that this action does not remove the files for the editor from the installation folder. It removes the editor registry information.


Install the virtual world editor. This command associates V-Realm Builder with the Edit button in the Block Parameters dialog boxes.

vrinstall -install

Version History

Introduced before R2006a