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Plane Take-Off with Trajectory Tracing

Plane Take-Off with Trajectory Tracing

This model is a variant of the vrtkoff example that shows how to trace trajectory of a moving object (the plane) in the scene.

VR Tracer block adds the following behavior to the scene visualization:

A marker is placed at the current position of the traced object in regular time intervals specified by the block sample time. Markers form a visible trace of the object's trajectory. The distance between markers indicates the speed of the object at given position. VR Tracer block allows also projection of the object position to a plane or to a point to visualize object altitude, distance from the centre of a celestial body, etc.

In addition, marker color can be dynamically set using the second block input to represent another model property or status.

VR Tracer block allows you to specify the following parameters:

  • Associated VRML File

  • Parent node of markers to create (useful when the traced object is inside other object in the scene hierarchy)

  • General marker shape to be selected from the listbox (select None for displaying lines / triads below only)

  • Checkboxes to select whether you want to display trajectory as a line and/or axis-aligned triads

  • Marker scale

  • Marker color, to be defined in the block input or in the block mask.

  • Checkbox to enable projection of the object position to a plane

  • Coefficients of the projection plane equation

  • Popup box to select projection of the object position to a point defined in the block input or in the block mask

  • Sample time

  • Checkbox to ensure that a viewer window is open during simulation

In this example, a tetrahedron shape is used as a general shape marker, together with triads, trajectory line and altitude projection lines.