Lookup Tables Block Library

Several lookup table blocks appear in the Lookup Tables block library.

The following table summarizes the purpose of each block in the library.

Block NameDescription

1-D Lookup Table

Approximate a one-dimensional function.

2-D Lookup Table

Approximate a two-dimensional function.

n-D Lookup Table

Approximate an N-dimensional function.


Compute index and fraction for Interpolation Using Prelookup block.

Interpolation Using Prelookup

Use precalculated index and fraction values to accelerate approximation of N-dimensional function.

Direct Lookup Table (n-D)

Index into an N-dimensional table to retrieve the corresponding outputs.

Lookup Table Dynamic

Approximate a one-dimensional function using a dynamically specified table.


Use a fixed-point lookup table to approximate the sine wave function.


Use a fixed-point lookup table to approximate the cosine wave function.

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