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Uncertain Models in Simulink

Represent uncertain elements in Simulink® models, linearize models with uncertainty

Robust Control Toolbox™ software provides tools to model uncertainty in Simulink. Using these tools, you can analyze how the uncertainty impacts the time- and frequency-domain behavior of the Simulink model.

The Uncertain State Space block, included in the Robust Control Toolbox block library, is a convenient way to incorporate uncertainty information in a Simulink model. For more information, see Specify Uncertainty Using Uncertain State Space Blocks.


ulinearizeLinearize Simulink model with Uncertain State Space block


Uncertain State SpaceSpecify uncertain system in Simulink


Analyzing Uncertainty in Simulink

Robust Control Toolbox software lets you model and analyze uncertain dynamics in Simulink.

Specify Uncertainty Using Uncertain State Space Blocks

Use the Uncertain State Space block to represent uncertain elements in a Simulink model.

Compute Uncertain State-Space Models from Simulink Models

Compute uncertain state-space models with linearized dynamics for robustness analysis and control design.

Linearize Block to Uncertain Model

Specify an uncertain value as the substitute linearization for a Simulink block.

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