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Exporting to VTD

RoadRunner has a combination exporter for exporting scenes to VIRES Virtual Test Drive (VTD)

RoadRunner provides a VTD export option that exports an OpenDRIVE® (.xodr) file for the road network and an OpenSceneGraph (.ive) file for the visual scene.

Exporting to VTD

From the menu, select File > Export > VTD (.xodr + .ive).

Export Options (OpenDRIVE)

Export Options (OpenSceneGraph)

Split by Segmentation

This option will split meshes by their segmentation type.


The Export To Tiles option splits the meshes per tile. This parameter also groups props by the tile they are in.

  • By default, only one file is exported. Tiles are stored in separate nodes.

  • VTD does not support scenes tiled to separate files.

Importing into VTD

Once exported from RoadRunner, the scene can be imported into VTD.

  1. (Optional) Convert the OpenSceneGraph IVE file to an OSGB file by using OpenSceneGraph version 3.2.3.

  2. Copy the exported files (OpenDRIVE and IVE files) to your current project in the Databases folder. Placing the files in a separate folder is recommended.

  3. Open VTD.

  4. Open ScenarioEditor and click New.

  5. Click the Properties button.

  6. Select the location of the Layout File (OpenDRIVE) and Visual Database (IVE).

  7. Insert at least an Ego vehicle.

  8. Save the scenario.

  9. Select the scenario in VTD.

  10. Run the scenario.


Refer to Exporting to OpenSceneGraph for further details on limitations.