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Create defected ground structure of PCB element

Since R2023a



pcbobject = dgs(rfpcbobject,shape) creates a defected ground structure (DGS) of the PCB element specified in rfpcb object using the shape object in shape as the DGS structure.


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Create a dumbbell-shaped DGS of a microstrip line.

obj = microstripLine('GroundPlaneWidth',60e-3);
shape = {dumbbell}
shape = 1x1 cell array
    {1x1 dumbbell}

pcb = dgs(obj,shape);

View the PCB.


Create a DGS of a microstrip line using a square and circular dumbbell.

pcbobj = microstripLine('Length',40e-3,'GroundPlaneWidth',60e-3);
shape = {translate(dumbbell('Type','Circle'),[-10e-3 0 0]),translate(dumbbell,[10e-3 0 0])};
pcb  = dgs(pcbobj,shape);

View the PCB.


Input Arguments

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PCB element, specified as an RF PCB object. For a complete list of PCB components, see PCB Components Catalog.

PCB shape, specified as a cell array of a shape object. For a complete list of PCB shapes, see Shapes.

Output Arguments

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PCB element with DGS, specified as a RF PCB object.

Version History

Introduced in R2023a