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電力測定、RMS 測定、正弦波推定

有効電力、無効電力、および平方根平均二乗 (RMS) 特性を測定します。位相同期回路を使用して、正弦波特性を推定します。


Phasor Measurement Unit (PMU, Three-Phase)Frequency, phase, and amplitude measurement of a three-phase system
Power MeasurementCalculate single-phase real and reactive power
Power Measurement (Three-Phase)Calculate three-phase real and reactive power
RMS MeasurementCalculate root-mean-square (RMS) properties of a signal
Sequence AnalyzerCalculate the magnitude and phase of the positive, negative, or zero sequence of a three-phase signal
Sinusoidal Measurement (PLL)Estimate sinusoidal characteristics using a phase-locked loop
Sinusoidal Measurement (PLL, Three-Phase)Estimate three-phase sinusoidal characteristics using a phase-locked loop
Total Harmonic DistortionTotal harmonic distortion measurement