(Not recommended) Send break to device connected to serial port

This serial object function is not recommended. Use serialport object functions instead. See Compatibility Considerations.




serialbreak(obj) sends a break of 10 milliseconds to the device connected to the serial port object, obj.

serialbreak(obj,time) sends a break to the device with a duration, in milliseconds, specified by time. Note that the duration of the break might be inaccurate under some operating systems.


For some devices, the break signal provides a way to clear the hardware buffer.

Before you can send a break to the device, it must be connected to obj with the fopen function. A connected serial port object has a Status property value of open. An error is returned if you attempt to send a break while obj is not connected to the device.

serialbreak is a synchronous function, and blocks the command line until execution is complete.

If you issue serialbreak while data is being asynchronously written, an error is returned. In this case, you must call the stopasync function or wait for the write operation to complete.

Compatibility Considerations

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Not recommended starting in R2019b

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Introduced before R2006a