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Define Missing Constructs in Interface to school Library

When you created the library definition file in the previous step, MATLAB® reports that one construct requires additional information (definition). This means that MATLAB cannot automatically define the signature for one of the functions. To provide the missing information, click the link to open defineschool.m in the MATLAB Editor.

Constructs with missing information are commented out. Scroll through the file to locate the section titled "C++ function getName with MATLAB name". Uncomment the statements in the getName code section.

The input argument p is a scalar value. Replace <SHAPE> in this statement with the number 1:

defineArgument(getNameDefinition, "p", "", "input", <SHAPE>);
defineArgument(getNameDefinition, "p", "", "input", 1);

Save and close the definition file.

Continue with the next step.

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