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Elevation is the angle above the local horizontal of one point relative to the other. To compute the elevation angle of a second point as viewed from the first, provide the position and altitude of the points. The default units are degrees for latitudes and longitudes and meters for altitudes, but you can specify other units for each.

What are the elevation, slant range, and azimuth of a point 10 kilometers east and 10 kilometers above a surface point?

[azim, elevang, slantrange] = geodetic2aer( ... 
         0, km2deg(10), 10000, 0, 0, 0, referenceEllipsoid('grs 80')) 

azim =


elevang =


slantrange =


On an ellipsoid, azimuths returned from geodetic2aer generally will differ from those returned by azimuth and distance.

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