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Indicate whether object is currently logging data


The Logging property indicates whether the video input object is currently logging data.

When a trigger occurs, the object sets the Logging property to 'on' and logs data to memory, a disk file, or both, depending on the value of the LoggingMode property.

The object sets the Logging property to 'off' when it acquires the requested number of frames, an error occurs, or you issue a stop command.

To acquire data when the object is running but not logging, use the peekdata function. Note, however, that the peekdata function does not guarantee that all the requested image data is returned. To acquire all the data without gaps, you must have the object log the data to memory or to a disk file.


Default value is enclosed in braces ({}).


Read only

Data type

Character vector


[ {'off'} | 'on' ]

See Also


LoggingMode, Running