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Run-Time Environment Configuration

Select and configure the target environment for your application

When you select a system target file as your code generation target, your selection defines many generated code features and selects which features are available in the Configuration Parameters dialog. When you configure code generation for your model, set the target selection configuration parameter first.


target.AliasCreate alternative identifier for target object
target.LanguageImplementationProvide C and C++ compiler implementation details
target.ObjectBase class for target types
target.ProcessorProvide target processor information


target.addAdd target object to internal database
target.createCreate target object
target.exportExport target object data
target.getRetrieve target objects from internal database
target.removeRemove target object from internal database
target.upgradeUpgrade existing definitions of hardware devices


targetManage target hardware information


Compare System Target File Support Across Products

Evaluate system target file support by product, code style, and generated code features.

Configure a System Target File

Select and configure a solver and a system target file.

Configure STF-Related Code Generation Parameters

Configure model parameters that relate to GRT, ERT, or ERT-based system target files for code generation.

Configure Run-Time Environment Options

Set model simulation and code generation options for development and deployment run-time environments: MATLAB® development computer, production hardware, and test hardware.

Register New Hardware Devices

Extend the range of supported hardware by registering new devices.

Configure Standard Math Library for Target System

Configure standard library extensions that the code generator uses for math operations.

Replace Code Generated from Simulink Models

This example shows how to replace generated code, using a code replacement library.

Develop a Code Replacement Library

Workflow for developing a code replacement library.

Configure a Code Replacement Library

Configure the code generator to change the code that it generates for functions and operators to meet application requirements.