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Parentheses level


Specify parenthesization style for generated code.

Category: Code Generation > Code Style


Default: Nominal (Optimize for readability)

Minimum (Rely on C/C++ operators for precedence)

Inserts parentheses only where required by ANSI®[1] C or C++, or to override default precedence. For example:

Out = In2 - In1 > 1.0 && In2 > 2.0;

If you generate C/C++ code using the minimum level, for certain settings in some compilers, you can receive compiler warnings. To eliminate these warnings, try the nominal level.

Nominal (Optimize for readability)

Inserts parentheses in a way that compromises between readability and visual complexity. For example:

Out = ((In2 - In1 > 1.0) && (In2 > 2.0));
Maximum (Specify precedence with parentheses)

Includes parentheses to specify meaning without relying on operator precedence. Code generated with this setting conforms to MISRA®[2] requirements. For example:

 Out = (((In2 - In1) > 1.0) && (In2 > 2.0));

Command-Line Information

Parameter: ParenthesesLevel
Type: character vector
Value: 'Minimum' | 'Nominal' | 'Maximum'
Default: 'Nominal'

Recommended Settings

DebuggingNominal (Optimized for readability)
TraceabilityNominal (Optimized for readability)
EfficiencyMinimum (Rely on C/C++ operators for precedence)
Safety precaution

No recommendation

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[1] ANSI is a registered trademark of the American National Standards Institute, Inc.

[2] MISRA is a registered trademarks of MIRA Ltd, held on behalf of the MISRA Consortium.