Reuters Market Data System (RMDS)

Current market and real-time data from the Reuters® Market Data System

For a simple example about retrieving RMDS data, see Retrieve Current and Historical Data Using Thomson Reuters.


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reutersCreate Reuters sessions
fetchRequest data from Reuters data servers
getRetrieve properties of Reuters session objects
historyRequest data from Reuters Time Series One
stopUnsubscribe securities
closeRelease connections to Reuters data servers
addricCreate Reuters Instrument Code
contribContribute data to Reuters data feed
deletericDelete Reuters Instrument Code
rmdsconfigReuters Market Data System (RMDS) configuration editor


Data Server Connection Requirements

Find license and proxy information requirements for the supported service providers.

Configuring Reuters Market Data System Connections

To connect to the Reuters Market Data System for the first time or change the authentication type, configure the Reuters connection using the RFA Configuration Editor.