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Connecting to Database

To connect to a database from MATLAB®, install an ODBC or JDBC driver and create a data source. For details about driver installation and data source setup, see Configuring Driver and Data Source. If you do not have an installed database and want to store relational data quickly, you can use the MATLAB interface to SQLite. For details, see Working with MATLAB Interface to SQLite.

You can connect to a database using the Database Explorer or the command line. These two options enable you to perform different actions. For details about deciding which option to use, see Connection Options.

After deciding between the Database Explorer app and the command line, connect to your database by following the steps for the corresponding database and driver type, as given in this list.

Microsoft Access

Microsoft SQL Server





Other ODBC-Compliant or JDBC-Compliant Databases

For an example of how to connect to a database that is not listed here, see Other ODBC-Compliant or JDBC-Compliant Databases.

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