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.NET アセンブリの基礎

.NET アセンブリをアプリケーションに統合する

コンパイルされた MATLAB® 関数を .NET アプリケーションに統合する方法は、標準 .NET アセンブリを使用する方法と似ています。主な相違点は、生成されたインターフェイスがデータを MWArray オブジェクトとして渡す必要がある点です。

C# API ドキュメンテーション

関数 .NET assembly for deployment outside MATLAB for building .NET assemblies
enableTSUtilsfromNetworkDriveSet trust setting to load .NET assemblies from network drive


MATLAB Compiler SDK .NET Target Requirements

Learn the prerequisites for completing the tutorials in this chapter.

Common Integration Tasks and Naming Conventions

Learn the integration tasks performed by most users.

Integrate a .NET Assembly Into a C# Application

How to call a .NET assembly from a C# application.

Integrate a .NET Assembly Into a Visual Basic Application

Call a .NET assembly from a Visual Basic® .NET application.

Build .NET Core Application That Runs on Linux and macOS

Create a .NET core application that can run on UNIX® systems.

Error Handling and Resource Management

Handle errors generated by MATLAB and manage resources explicitly.

Block Console Display When Creating Figures

Handle interaction in a console-based program that creates MATLAB figures.

Enhanced XML Documentation Files

Information about enhanced documentation included with every deployed .NET assembly.