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.NET と MATLAB 間でのデータ変換

.NET と MATLAB® 間のデータ変換に API を使用する

.NET と MATLAB の間でデータを変換し形式化するために使用できる 2 つのデータ変換 API があります。これらは MWArray API とネイティブ API で、それぞれ特定のアプリケーションに適しています。


ntswrapGenerates type-safe API


Implement a Type-Safe Interface

An overview of .NET interfaces that supports native types through the API in either C# or Visual Basic®

Generate the Type-Safe API with an Assembly

How to generate a type safe API using the Library Compiler App and also from the command line

Create Managed Extensibility Framework (MEF) Plug-Ins

Extend .NET applications by developing plug-ins with MEF

Select How to Access an Assembly

An overview of data marshaling in an assembly using MWArray API and Native API

Data Conversion Classes and MATLAB Compiler SDK Interface

Summary information about MWArray classes

Data Conversion Between .NET and MATLAB

How to convert native .NET data types to types compatible with MATLAB

Rules for Data Conversion Between .NET and MATLAB

Details about the way that the MATLAB Compiler™ .NET target handles data

Object Passing by Reference

How to pass .NET objects to and from a MATLAB function

Real or Imaginary Components Within Complex Arrays

How to extract only the real or imaginary part of an array through implementation of component indexing

Type-Safe Interfaces: An Alternative to MWArray

How to use type-safe interfaces instead of MWArray types in a .NET application to allow .NET developers to work directly with familiar native data types

Advantages of Implementing a Type-Safe Interface

Motivations for using type-safe interfaces

How Type-Safe Interfaces Work

An overview of type-safe interface