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Getting Started with CubeSats

Model, simulate, analyze, and visualize the motion and dynamics of CubeSats and nano satellites. Nano satellites are miniaturized spacecraft designed for space research based on one or more 10 cm cubes of up to 1.33 kg per unit. Use the Aerospace Blockset™ CubeSat Simulation Library, available as an Add-On.

  1. Start the Add-On Explorer for the CubeSat Add-on.

  2. In the Add-On Explorer, click Aerospace Blockset CubeSat Simulation Library and follow instructions to install the Add-On.

  3. To explore the block library for the CubeSat Add-On, at the MATLAB® command line, type:


CubeSat Simulation Library of blocks.

The CubeSat Simulation Library Add-On contains:

  • Model and Simulate CubeSats — To create models, use the CubeSat Vehicle blocks, model template, and project. Explore the CubeSat example modeling multiple CubeSats. The CubeSat Vehicle block propagates one satellite at a time. To propagate multiple satellites simultaneously, use the Orbit Propagator block.

  • Analyze CubeSat Mission Geometry — To analyze CubeSat mission geometries, use the accompanying live script. This live script requires a Mapping Toolbox™ license.

  • Utility Functions — For coordinate transformations and mission geometry analysis of CubeSat vehicles.


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