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Mechanical Vibrations, 5e

Mechanical Vibrations, 5e

Written for undergraduate courses in vibration engineering, this book presents the theory, computational aspects, and applications of vibrations. Topics include single-degree-of-freedom, two-degrees-of-freedom, and multiple-degrees-of-freedom systems; vibration control; harmonically excited vibration; and nonlinear vibration. The revised fifth edition includes new topics such as first-order systems and time constraint, graphical representation of characteristic roots and solutions, parameter variations, and root locus representation, as well as over 125 new examples.

An introduction to MATLAB is included in an appendix, and MATLAB is used to solve end-of-chapter application examples.




About This Book

Singiresu S. Rao, University of Miami

Prentice Hall, 2011

ISBN: 978-0-13-212819-3
Language: English