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Digital Signal Processing Fundamentals - new

Digital Signal Processing Fundamentals

Written for practicing electrical engineers and engineering students, this book presents the fundamental mathematics of digital signal processing with application-specific tutorials. Topics covered include Fourier analysis, complex number arithmetic, Laplace and Fourier transforms, and digital filters.

Companion software available

An introduction to MATLAB is included in an appendix. In addition, supplemental MATLAB code files are available on a CD bound in the book to accompany the text. (The Signal Processing Toolbox and the DSP System Toolbox are required.)

DSP インタラクティブ キット (無料)

デジタル信号処理に関する広範な課題の解決に MathWorks ソリューションがどのように役立つかをお確かめください。

無料キットを入手 ( 英語 )




About This Book

Ashfaq A. Khan

Da Vinci Engineering Press, 2005

ISBN: 1-58450-281-9
Language: English