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Wireless Communications and Networking 4481

Wireless Communications and Networking

Written for senior-level undergraduate or first-year graduate courses, this book focuses on the fundamentals of wireless communications and networking. The text gives the reader an overview of the prominent features of first and second generation wireless cellular systems, and those perceived for the third generation. It identifies the problems that cause information loss in point-to-point signal transmission through the wireless channel, and discusses techniques suitable for minimizing the information loss. This text covers wireless communications in a cellular setting, treating the ramifications in terms of capacity maximization, support for multi-user transmissions, mobility management to facilitate user roaming, and global information delivery through wireless/wireline interworking.

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About This Book

Weihua Zhuang, University of Waterloo
Jon W. Mark, University of Waterloo

Prentice Hall, 2003

ISBN: 0-13-040905-7
Language: English