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Labs for Signals and Systems Using MATLAB 2051

Labs for Signals and Systems Using MATLAB

Included in the PWS BookWare Companion Series, this supplemental lab manual explores new experiments in each chapter, such as speech synthesis, filter design, digital communications, and controlling the placement of a ball on a beam. The text treats fundamental signals and systems representations as a language so that students can easily explore and discover new implementations using MATLAB in their experiments. Examples and problems are presented to the student to evaluate and solve by hand and then to implement using MATLAB.

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DSP インタラクティブ キット (無料)

デジタル信号処理に関する広範な課題の解決に MathWorks ソリューションがどのように役立つかをお確かめください。

無料キットを入手 ( 英語 )




About This Book

Kevin Bradley
Virginia Stonick

PWS Publishing Company, 1995

ISBN: 0-534-93808-6
Language: English