Industry Standards

DO-178C and Related Standards

DO-178C is the latest update to the DO-178 standard. The previous version, DO-178B, was published in 1992 when most software was coded by hand. Since software development processes have evolved from hand coding to automatic coding with Model-Based Design, DO-178C was developed to keep pace with industry. The standard contains two supplements that map closely with current industry development and verification practices:  the Model-Based Development and Verification supplement (DO-331) and the Formal Methods supplement (DO-333).

MATLAB, Simulink, and Embedded Coder support key development activities involving Model-Based Design for DO-178C. MathWorks also provides other products and services that support important verification tasks.



Related Standards Supported by MATLAB and Simulink Product Families

  • DO-178C, Software Considerations in Airborne Systems and Equipment Certification
  • DO-278A, Guidelines for Communications, Navigation, Surveillance, and Air traffic Management (CNS/ATM) Systems Software Integrity Assurance
  • DO-248C, Supporting Information for DO-178C and DO-278A
  • DO-330, Software Tool Qualification Considerations
  • DO-331, Model-Based Development and Verification Supplement to DO-178C and DO-278A
  • DO-332, Object-Oriented Technology and Related Techniques Supplement to DO-178C and DO-278A
  • DO-333, Formal Methods Supplement to DO-178C and DO-278A

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