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Simscape Multibody

Simscape Multibody Import XML Schema

The Simscape Multibody Import XML Schema works with Simscape Multibody (formerly SimMechanics) in MATLAB R2013a and all following releases. Using the function smimport to import an XML file that follows the XML schemas below creates a Simscape Multibody model.

Version 2.0 (R2016a and higher)

View SimscapeMultibodyImportXML.xsd
View SimscapeMultibodyImportXMLBasic.xsd
View SimscapeMultibodyImportXMLEnumTypes.xsd
View SimscapeMultibodyImportXMLSimpleTypes.xsd
Download all version 2.0 Schemas

View example XML files: example_fourbar.xml, example_robot.xml

Download complete examples for import:,

Version 1.0 (R2013a and higher)

View SimMechanicsImportXML.xsd
View SimMechanicsImportXMLBasic.xsd
View SimMechanicsImportXMLEnumTypes.xsd
View SimMechanicsImportXMLSimpleTypes.xsd
Download all version 1.0 Schemas

View example XML files: Example.xml

Download complete example for import: