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What's New in Release 2006b

R2006b, released on September 1, 2006, includes updates to MATLAB and Simulink, six new products released since R2006a, and updates and bug fixes to 80 other products. Subscribers to Software Maintenance Service can download R2006b product updates.

New capabilities for the MATLAB product family include:

  • Additional support for large data set handling in MATLAB
  • MATLAB application deployment to Java™
  • Distributed computing tools supporting Windows® Compute Cluster Server 2003, distributed arrays, and parallel math functions
  • Graphical interface for defining and solving optimization problems

New capabilities for the Simulink product family include:

  • Verifying compliance with modeling standards
  • Managing tests and analyzing results for system verification and validation
  • HDL code generation for Simulink and Stateflow
  • Easier incorporation of legacy C/C++ code for simulation and code generation
  • Embedded MATLAB function block support for MATLAB structures and Simulink buses
  • Modeling Mealy and Moore semantics to support C and HDL code generation
  • Stateflow support for Simulink buses

MATLAB Product Family


New Products

Key features and Release Notes below.
Aerospace Toolbox
  • Provides standards-based environmental models for atmosphere, gravity, and magnetic fields
  • Converts units and transforms coordinate systems and spatial representations
  • Implements predefined utilities for aerospace parameter calculations, time calculations, and quaternion math
  • Imports aerodynamic coefficients from the U.S. Air Force Digital Data Compendium (Datcom)
  • Interfaces to FlightGear flight simulator, enabling visualization of vehicle dynamics in a three-dimensional environment

Visit the product Release Notes or the product page for additional information.

Link for Cadence Incisive**
  • Native Verilog support and support for VHDL via Verilog modules
  • Connection of a Simulink model to one or more Incisive simulators
  • MATLAB test bench capability, enabling the use of MATLAB code to stimulate and check HDL code
  • MATLAB component capability, enabling simulation of MATLAB code in place of entities not yet coded in HDL
  • User-selectable communication modes between MATLAB and Simulink and Incisive, providing shared memory (for faster performance) and TCP/IP sockets (for versatility)
  • Interactive or batch mode cosimulation, debugging, testing, and verification of HDL code from MATLAB

Visit the product Release Notes or the product page for additional information.

MATLAB Builder for Java
  • Converts MATLAB algorithms into Java classes via a graphical user interface or the command line
  • Supports conversion between Java data types and MATLAB array data types using data conversion classes
  • Enables royalty-free desktop and Web deployment of independent components

Visit the product Release Notes or the product page for additional information.

  • Develops, manages, and edits test structures
  • Uses predefined test elements to test MATLAB algorithms and Simulink models
  • Incorporates MATLAB scripts directly into a test
  • Maps MATLAB and Simulink workspace variables to test variables
  • Visualizes and analyzes multidimensional test results

Visit the product Release Notes or the product page for additional information.

Updates and bug fixes

Release Notes by product linked below.
Indicates major update

Bioinformatics Toolbox 2.4
Communications Toolbox 3.4
Control System Toolbox 7.1
Curve Fitting Toolbox 1.1.6
Data Acquisition Toolbox 2.9
Database Toolbox 3.2
Datafeed Toolbox 1.9
Distributed Computing Toolbox 3
Excel Link 2.4
Extended Symbolic Math Toolbox 3.1.5
Filter Design HDL Coder 1.5
Filter Design Toolbox 4
Financial Derivatives Toolbox 4.1
Financial Toolbox 3.1
Fixed-Income Toolbox 1.2
Fixed-Point Toolbox 1.5
Fuzzy Logic Toolbox 2.2.4
GARCH Toolbox 2.3
Genetic Algorithm and Direct Search Toolbox 2.0.2
Image Acquisition Toolbox 2
Image Processing Toolbox 5.3
Instrument Control Toolbox 2.4.1
Link for Code Composer Studio 2.1
Link for ModelSim 2.1
Mapping Toolbox 2.4
MATLAB Builder for .NET 2.1
MATLAB Builder for Excel 1.2.7
MATLAB Compiler 4.5
MATLAB Distributed Computing Engine 3
MATLAB Report Generator 3.1
Model-Based Calibration Toolbox 3.1
Model Predictive Control Toolbox 2.2.3
Neural Network Toolbox 5.0.1
OPC Toolbox 2.0.3
Optimization Toolbox 3.1
Partial Differential Equation Toolbox 1.0.9
RF Toolbox 2
Robust Control Toolbox 3.1.1
Signal Processing Toolbox 6.6
SimBiology 2.1**
Spline Toolbox 3.3.1
Statistics Toolbox 5.3
Symbolic Math Toolbox 3.1.5
System Identification Toolbox 6.2
Wavelet Toolbox 3.1

Simulink Product Family

Simulink 6.5

New Products

Key features and Release Notes below.
Link for TASKING*
  • Links MATLAB and Simulink to a TASKING environment through high-speed bidirectional links
  • Supports Infineon, STMicroelectronics, Renesas, ARM, Freescale, and other microprocessors
  • Enables processor-in-the-loop testing for object code verification
  • Supports automatic code generation, building, and downloading to an instruction-set simulator or embedded hardware
  • Provides MATLAB APIs to analyze and debug code generated automatically or by hand
  • Includes customizable templates for configuring hardware variants, automating MISRA C-code checking, and controlling the build process

  • Visit the product Release Notes or the product page for additional information.

  • Modeling environment for building hydraulic and hydromechanical systems as physical networks
  • More than 75 hydraulic and mechanical components, including pumps, valves, accumulators, and pipelines
  • Foundation library of hydraulic building blocks and fundamental mechanical and mathematical elements
  • Customizable library of common hydraulic fluids

Visit the product Release Notes or the product page for additional information.

Simulink HDL Coder
  • Generates synthesizable HDL code from Simulink models for data path implementations
  • Generates synthesizable HDL code from Stateflow charts for finite state machines and control logic implementations
  • Generates VHDL code that is IEEE 1076 compliant and Verilog code that is IEEE 1364-2001 compliant
  • Lets you create bit-true and cycle-accurate models that match your Simulink design specifications
  • Lets you select from multiple HDL architectural implementations for commonly used blocks
  • Lets you specify the subsystem for HDL code generation
  • Enables you to reuse existing IP HDL code (with Link for ModelSim®, available separately)
  • Generates simulation and synthesis scripts

Visit the product Release Notes or the product page for additional information.


Updates and bug fixes

Release Notes by product linked below.
Indicates major update

Aerospace Blockset 2.2
Communications Blockset 3.4
Embedded Target for Infineon C166 Microcontrollers 1.3
Embedded Target for Motorola HC12 1.1.5
Embedded Target for Motorola MPC555 2.0.5
Embedded Target for TI C2000 DSP 2.1
Embedded Target for TI C6000 DSP 3.1
Gauges Blockset 2.0.4
Real-Time Windows Target 2.6.2
Real-Time Workshop 6.5
Real-Time Workshop Embedded Coder 4.5
RF Blockset 1.3.1
Signal Processing Blockset 6.4
SimDriveline 1.2.1
SimEvents 1.2
SimMechanics 2.5
SimPowerSystems 4.3
Simulink Accelerator 6.5
Simulink Control Design 2.0.1
Simulink Fixed Point 5.3
Simulink Parameter Estimation 1.1.4
Simulink Report Generator 3.1
Simulink Response Optimization 3.1
Simulink Verification and Validation 2
Stateflow 6.5
Stateflow Coder 6.5
Video and Image Processing Blockset 2.2
Virtual Reality Toolbox 4.4
xPC Target 3.1
xPC Target Embedded Option 3.1

* Indicates product was introduced via the Web after R2006a and is now available on the R2006b CD.
** Indicates product was introduced after R2006b and is available via the Web.

Products with License-Related or Pricing Changes

Please refer to MathWorks Release 2006b Products with License-Related or Pricing Changes for additional information.


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