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What's New in Release 14 Service Pack 1

The MathWorks Release 14 with Service Pack 1 CD (R14SP1) includes major quality updates to MATLAB 7, Simulink 6, and 66 other products, as well as two new products launched since Release 14. This release also provides a 64-bit version of the MATLAB and Simulink product families for Linux based on AMD64 and Intel EM64T processors.

Download the new versions of MATLAB and Simulink and their companion products for which you are enrolled in Software Maintenance Services now.

Release highlights are listed below. For more details, please refer to the release notes, system requirements, and service pack definition.

Note: To find out what’s new in the Release 14 family since Release 13 with Service Pack 1, please visit the Release 14 highlights.

Release 14 with Service Pack 1
New products Products with major upgrades Patent-related modifications Other updated products
Release Notes
System Requirements

New Products in Release 14 with Service Pack 1

* Indicates product was introduced after Release 14 with Service Pack 1 and is available to download via the Web. It is also included on the Service Pack 2 CD.

Distributed Computing Toolbox 1* and MATLAB Distributed Computing Engine*

The Distributed Computing Toolbox enables you to execute coarse-grained MATLAB algorithms and Simulink models in a cluster of computers. You can prototype and develop applications in the MATLAB environment and then use the Distributed Computing Toolbox to divide them into independent tasks. The MATLAB Distributed Computing Engine (available separately) evaluates these tasks on remote MATLAB sessions.
  • Distributed execution of coarse-grained MATLAB algorithms and Simulink models on remote MATLAB sessions
  • Control of the distributed computing process via a function-based or an object-based interface
  • Distributed processing on both homogeneous and heterogeneous platforms
  • Support for synchronous and asynchronous operations
  • Access to single or multiple clusters by single or multiple users

SimDriveline 1.0.1

SimDriveline extends Simulink with tools for modeling and simulating the mechanics of driveline (drivetrain) systems. These tools include components such as gears, rotating shafts, and clutches; standard transmission templates; and simple engine and tire models.
  • Modeling environment for defining the mechanics of a driveline system in Simulink
  • Library of common gear configurations
  • Library of dynamic elements, including clutches and rotational stops, torque converters, and torsional spring-dampers
  • Templates for common transmission systems
  • Basic models of vehicle components, including engines, longitudinal vehicle dynamics, and tires

Video and Image Processing Blockset 1.0.1

The Video and Image Processing Blockset extends Simulink with a rich, customizable framework for the rapid design, simulation, implementation, and verification of video and image processing algorithms and systems.
  • Create and deploy 2-D filters (FIR, convolution, median), 2-D transforms (FFT, DCT, Hough), and geometric transformation primitives (rotation, translation, shear)
  • Implement image analysis and enhancement algorithms, including edge detection, thresholding, morphology, and statistics
  • Implement standard color video and image conversion techniques, including color space conversion and chroma resampling
  • Simulate and automatically generate floating- and fixed-point data type C code for use in embedded systems or to accelerate large-scale simulations
  • View the status of the video stream in real time throughout the model with the video viewer and display blocks

Products with Major Upgrades in Release 14 with Service Pack 1

* Indicates product upgrade was introduced after Release 14 with Service Pack 1 and is available to download via the Web. It is also included on the Service Pack 2 CD.

Bioinformatics Toolbox 2*

The Bioinformatics Toolbox offers computational molecular biologists and other research scientists an open and extensible environment in which to explore ideas, prototype new algorithms, and build applications in drug research, genetic engineering, and other genomics and proteomics projects. New features include:
  • Preprocessing and analysis functionality for SELDI/MALDI mass spectrometry data
  • Visualization tool for viewing interaction graphs
  • Machine learning functions for classification and pattern recognition
  • Enhanced microarray normalization tools
  • Additional sequence visualization and analysis tools

Image Processing Toolbox 5.0.1

The Image Processing Toolbox provides a complete suite of digital image processing and analysis tools for MATLAB. New features include:
  • Modular graphical tools for image exploration and manipulation
  • Texture analysis functions
  • Hough Transform functions
  • ICC profile export

Robust Control Toolbox 3

The Robust Control Toolbox provides tools for systematically factoring model uncertainty into your design to ensure consistent controller performance on the real plant. New features include:
  • The use of Control System Toolbox LTI objects for system representation
  • New objects for building and manipulating uncertain models
  • Unified commands for performing robust controller analysis and design
  • Includes functionality previously available in the LMI Control Toolbox and µ-Analysis and Synthesis Toolbox

If you use LMI Control Toolbox and µ-Analysis and Synthesis Toolbox, visit MathWorks Release 14 product changes for additional information.

SimPowerSystems 4

SimPowerSystems extends Simulink with tools for modeling and simulating basic electrical circuits and detailed electrical power systems. These tools help you to efficiently model the generation, transmission, and distribution of electrical power, and its conversion into mechanical power. SimPowerSystems 4 introduces new application libraries that include:
  • Models of electric drives for actuating mechanical rotational motion. These models include detailed descriptions of the motor, converter, and controller for each drive model.
  • Models of flexible AC transmissions systems (FACTS)
  • Models of distributed resources for common wind-power generation systems

Other Updated Products

Please refer to the Release Notes for information on updates to the following products:

* Indicates product upgrade was introduced after Release 14 with Service Pack 1 and is available to download via the Web. It is also included on the Service Pack 2 CD.

Aerospace Blockset 1.6.1
Communications Blockset 3.0.1
Communications Toolbox 3.0.1
Control System Toolbox 6.1
Curve Fitting Toolbox 1.1.2
Data Acquisition Toolbox 2.5.1
Database Toolbox 3.0.1
Embedded Target for Infineon C166 Microcontrollers 1.1.1
Embedded Target for Motorola HC12 1.1.1
Embedded Target for Motorola MPC555 2.0.1
Embedded Target for OSEK/VDX® 1.1.1
Embedded Target for TI C2000™ DSP 1.2*
Embedded Target for TI C6000™ DSP 2.3*
Excel Link 2.2.1
Extended Symbolic Math Toolbox 3.1.1
Filter Design HDL Coder 1.1
Filter Design Toolbox 3.1
Financial Derivatives Toolbox 3.0.1
Financial Time Series Toolbox 2.1.1
Financial Toolbox 2.4.2
Fixed-Point Toolbox 1.1
Fuzzy Logic Toolbox 2.2
Gauges Blockset 2.0
Genetic Algorithm and Direct Search Toolbox 1.0.2
Image Acquisition Toolbox 1.7
Instrument Control Toolbox 2.1.2*
Link for Code Composer Studio® 1.4*
Link for ModelSim 1.3*
Mapping Toolbox 2.0.3
MATLAB 7.0.1
MATLAB Builder for COM 1.1.3*
MATLAB Builder for Excel 1.2.3*
  MATLAB Compiler 4.1.1*
MATLAB Report Generator 2.2*
MATLAB Web Server 1.2.3
Model Predictive Control Toolbox 2.1
Model-Based Calibration Toolbox 2.1.2
Neural Network Toolbox 4.0.4
OPC Toolbox 1.1.1
Optimization Toolbox 3.0.1
Partial Differential Equation Toolbox 1.0.6
Real-Time Windows Target 2.5.1
Real-Time Workshop 6.1
Real-Time Workshop Embedded Coder 4.1
RF Blockset 1.0.2
Signal Processing Blockset 6.0.1
Signal Processing Toolbox 6.2.1
SimMechanics 2.2.1
Simulink 6.1
Simulink Accelerator 6.0.1
Simulink Control Design 1.1
Simulink Fixed Point 5.0.1
Simulink Parameter Estimation 1.1
Simulink Report Generator 2.2*
Simulink Response Optimization 2.1
Simulink Verification and Validation 1.0.1
Stateflow 6.1
Stateflow Coder 6.1
Statistics Toolbox 5.0.1
Symbolic Math Toolbox 3.1.1
System Identification Toolbox 6.1
Virtual Reality Toolbox 4.0.1
Wavelet Toolbox 3.0.1
xPC Target 2.7.1*
xPC Target Embedded Option 2.7.1*

Products in Transition

Please refer to MathWorks Release 14 product changes for additional information.

What is a Service Pack?

A service pack is a collection of bug fixes, features, and Web releases made since the last general release, captured in a full media set.

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