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PBS Professional

Workload manager, scheduler, grid computing


  • Increased utilization of costly resources
  • Unified interface to all computing resources
  • Reduced burden on system administrators
  • Enhanced understanding of computational requirements and user needs
  • Dynamic distribution of production workloads across wide-area networks
  • Support for logical organization of physically separate computing systems


The Portable Batch System, or PBS, is a workload management solution for HPC systems and Linux clusters. PBS was originally designed for NASA because existing resource management systems were inadequate for modern parallel and distributed computers and clusters. From the initial design, PBS has included innovative new approaches to resource management and job scheduling, such as the extraction of scheduling policy into a single separable, completely customizable module.

The professional edition, PBS Professional, operates in networked, multiplatform UNIX environments, and supports heterogeneous clusters of workstations, supercomputers, and massively parallel systems.

Using the Parallel Computing ToolboxTM and MATLAB Distributed Computing Engine, along with the PBS Professional resource scheduler from Altair Engineering, users can seamlessly create and execute both distributed and parallel jobs on their compute grids or clusters. Example integration scripts are included with Parallel Computing ToolboxTM and MATLAB® Distributed Computing ServerTM.

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  • HPC Platforms and Schedulers


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