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High-performance Virtex-II and Virtex-II Pro hardware platform


  • Support for the largest Xilinx Virtex-II/Pro devices
  • Support for most popular operating systems and platforms
  • Flexible, high-speed I/O using front panel adapters
  • On-board ZBT, DDR SDRAM, and flash
  • Comprehensive SDK with API, drivers, and template designs
  • Support for MATLAB and Simulink


The ADM-XRC-II is a high-performance reconfigurable PMC (PCI mezzanine card) based on the Xilinx Virtex-II and Virtex-II Pro range of platform FPGAs. Features include a high-speed PCI interface, external memory, high-density flexible I/O, programmable clocks, temperature monitoring, battery-backed encryption, and flash boot facilities. A comprehensive cross-platform API with support for WinNT/2000/XP, Linux, and VxWorks provides access to the full functionality of these hardware features.

The ADM-XRC-II is targeted toward DSP development engineers with Alpha Data providing template designs to allow rapid integration. The MATLAB language and environment can be used to configure and control ADM-XRC-II boards in many applications. The board can be used as a powerful data acquisition module with data capture I/O, buffering memory and considerable parallel DSP resources available. Alternatively, when used as hardware-in-the-loop, the board can serve as a powerful co-processing engine for MATLAB, especially useful in fixed-point intensive applications such as video and image processing. Additionally, the on-board FPGA application can actually be designed using Simulink and the System Generator from Xilinx. Board support packages are available, with board-level system design and hardware cosimulation support.

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