SimElectronics Simscape Blocks

Accelerometer Behavioral model of MEMS accelerometer
Band-Limited Op-Amp Model band-limited operational amplifier
CMOS AND Model CMOS AND gate behaviorally
CMOS Buffer Model CMOS Buffer gate behaviorally
CMOS NAND Model CMOS NAND gate behaviorally
CMOS NOR Model CMOS NOR gate behaviorally
CMOS NOT Model CMOS NOT gate behaviorally
CMOS OR Model CMOS OR gate behaviorally
CMOS XOR Model CMOS XOR gate behaviorally
Comparator Model a comparator behaviorally
Controlled PWM Voltage Model pulse-width modulated voltage source
Crystal Model stable resonator
Current Limiter Behavioral model of current limiter
Current Source Simulate current source with DC, AC, and noise components
DC Motor DC motor model with electrical and torque characteristics
DC-DC Converter Behavioral model of power converter
Diode Diode model; piecewise linear, piecewise linear zener, or exponential diode
DPDT Switch Model double-pole double-throw switch
DPST Switch Model double-pole single-throw switch
FEM-Parameterized Linear Actuator Model linear actuator defined in terms of magnetic flux
FEM-Parameterized Rotary Actuator Model rotary actuator defined in terms of magnetic flux
Finite-Gain Op-Amp Model gain-limited operational amplifier
Fully Differential Op-Amp Model operational amplifier with fully differential output, that is, not referenced to ground
Fuse Model fuse that protects against excessive current
Generic Battery Simple battery model
Generic Linear Actuator Model generic linear actuator driven from DC voltage source or PWM driver
Generic Rotary Actuator Model generic rotary actuator driven from DC voltage source or PWM driver
Gyro Behavioral model of MEMS gyro
H-Bridge Model H-bridge motor driver
Incandescent Lamp Model incandescent lamp, with resistance depending on temperature
Incremental Shaft Encoder Model device that converts information about angular shaft position into electrical pulses
Induction Motor Model induction motor powered by ideal AC supply
Light-Emitting Diode Model light-emitting diode as exponential diode and current sensor in series
Multiplier Model integrated circuit multiplier
N-Channel IGBT Model N-Channel IGBT
N-Channel JFET Model N-Channel JFET
N-Channel MOSFET Model N-Channel MOSFET using Shichman-Hodges equation
Negative Supply Rail Model ideal negative supply rail
Nonlinear Inductor Model inductor with nonideal core
Nonlinear Transformer Model transformer with nonideal core
NPN Bipolar Transistor Model NPN bipolar transistor using enhanced Ebers-Moll equations
Operational Transconductance Amplifier Model behavioral representation of operational transconductance amplifier
Optocoupler Model optocoupler as LED, current sensor, and controlled current source
P-Channel JFET Model P-Channel JFET
P-Channel MOSFET Model P-Channel MOSFET using Shichman-Hodges equation
Photodiode Model photodiode as parallel controlled current source and exponential diode
Piezo Linear Motor Model force-speed characteristics of linear piezoelectric traveling wave motor
Piezo Rotary Motor Model torque-speed characteristics of rotary piezoelectric traveling wave motor
Piezo Stack Model electrical and force characteristics of piezoelectric stacked actuator
PNP Bipolar Transistor Model PNP bipolar transistor using enhanced Ebers-Moll equations
Positive Supply Rail Model ideal positive supply rail
Potentiometer Model rotary or linear-travel potentiometer controlled by physical signal
Power Sensor Measure instantaneous or cycle-average power
Pressure Transducer Model generic pressure transducer that turns pressure measurement into voltage
Proximity Sensor Model simple distance sensor
PS Sensor Model generic linear sensor
PTC Thermistor Model switching type positive temperature coefficient (PTC) thermistor
Push-Pull Output Represent CMOS complementary output stage behaviorally
Relay Model switching and associated delay of relay
Resistor Model linear resistor with optional noise
Resolver Model rotary transformer that measures motor rotation angle
S-R Latch Model an S-R Latch behaviorally
Schmitt Trigger Behavioral model of Schmitt trigger
Servomotor Brushless motor model with closed-loop torque control
Shunt Motor Model electrical and torque characteristics of shunt motor
Solar Cell Solar cell model
Solenoid Model electrical characteristics and generated force of solenoid
SPDT Switch Model single-pole double-throw switch
SPST Switch Model single-pole single-throw switch
Stepper Motor Driver Driver for stepper motor
Stepper Motor Model stepper motor
Strain Gauge Model deformation sensor
Thermal Resistor Model resistor with thermal port
Thermistor Model NTC thermistor using B-parameter equation
Thermocouple Model sensor that converts thermal potential difference into electrical potential difference
Three-Winding Mutual Inductor Model three coupled inductors
Thyristor Model thyristor using NPN and PNP transistors
Timer Model timer integrated circuit behaviorally
Transmission Line Model delay-based or lumped parameter transmission line
Unipolar Stepper Motor Driver Driver for unipolar stepper motor
Unipolar Stepper Motor Model stepper motor with center taps on phase windings
Universal Motor Model electrical and torque characteristics of a universal (or series) motor
Variable Capacitor Model linear time-varying capacitor
Variable Inductor Model linear time-varying inductor
Voltage Source Simulate voltage source with DC, AC, and noise components
Voltage-Controlled Oscillator Behavioral model of voltage-controlled oscillator
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