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A workflow for testing a cruise controller component by using model coverage analysis to identify unexecuted or unused simulation pathways in the model.
This article outlines best practices for adopting modeling standards and deploying them across an organization.
This paper presents a workflow for using Model-Based Design to efficiently conduct functional and structural verification on a cockpit display systems design model early in the development process, where it is easier and less expensive to update.
With a custom rapid control prototyping platform and Model-Based Design, Hella engineers produce a real-time prototype incorporating 80% of the final product’s functionality in a few months.
This paper compares Model-Based Design approaches for developing logic-intensive algorithms in a high-integrity environment.
Use the Model Advisor exclusion capability to speed up verification of Simulink and Stateflow models.
Septentrio streamlines the DO-178B certification process with MATLAB and Simulink.
When the GN&C system for the Orion crew vehicle undergoes Critical Design Review, more than 90% of the flight software will already be developed– thanks to a new development approach using Model-Based Design.
Using a fault-tolerant fuel system model as an example, this article describes tools and a workflow for converting models from floating- to fixed-point for production code generation. The approach described uses two tools in Simulink Fixed Point.
Software systems deployed in safety-critical applications in aerospace and other industries must satisfy rigorous development and verification standards.
Automated model checks help ensure that standards are correctly implemented in your Simulink model.
Simulink Model Advisor enables you to check models for conditions and configuration settings to produce efficient models and generated code.
This paper discusses the use of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software with Model-Based Design to develop a fault detection, isolation, and recovery (FDIR) application for a redundant actuator control system.
The Signal Builder is a source block in the Simulink library that lets you quickly develop and modify test input data that you want to incorporate with your model.

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