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This article outlines best practices for preparing MATLAB® code for conversion, converting to fixed point, and optimizing your algorithm for efficiency and performance.
Engineers use MATLAB and Simulink to analyze image and signal data, design controls and signal processing algorithms, implement their designs in software after thorough verification and validation, and generate reports for standards compliance.
Support packages for low-cost hardware platforms from Arduino to Zynq let you stream sensor data into MATLAB and generate code to run Simulink models on real hardware.
This paper describes how HDL Coder can be used with Altera DSP Builder in an integrated FPGA workflow.
Model-Based Design with MATLAB and Simulink enables Hitachi to improve communication between teams, reduce development time, and reduce risk by evaluating system performance early in the design process.
MATLAB および Simulink を使用したモデルベース デザインによって、日立は設計プロセスの初期にシステム パフォーマンスを評価することで、チーム間のコミュニケーションの改善、開発時間の短縮およびリスクの軽減が可能になります。
Engineers and scientists connect MATLAB and Simulink to FPGAs, microprocessors, cameras, instruments, and other hardware to design, test, and verify systems that combine hardware and software components.
Rapid prototyping and automatic VHDL code generation enable BBN engineers to develop, implement, and improve data-encryption schemes much faster than would be possible with traditional methods.
SKA South Africa engineers are developing a DSP system capable of processing 5 terabits of data a second from the 64 radio antennas in the MeerKAT array.
UPenn has developed a first-of-its-kind electrophysiological model of the heart that enables real-time closed-loop testing and early verification of pacemakers by simulating a variety of heart conditions.
With a custom rapid control prototyping platform and Model-Based Design, Hella engineers produce a real-time prototype incorporating 80% of the final product’s functionality in a few months.
With MATLAB integrated into the physics curriculum, Siena College students develop practical skills—starting in their first year—that they will use throughout their studies and beyond.
Using an adaptive median filter as an example, this article shows how to make a MATLAB algorithm suitable for hardware implementation.
Using disparate tools and languages to develop analog mixed-signal ICs makes the design process prone to error, time-consuming, and complicated. Model-Based Design addresses these problems by completing all design stages in MATLAB and Simulink.

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