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Add-on Products

MATLAB and Simulink Student Suite already includes 10 of the most widely used add-on products for control systems, signal and image processing, statistics, optimization, and symbolic math.

You can extend the capabilities of MATLAB Student and the Student Suite with additional products to help with course work in areas of advanced study. Each add-on product costs JPY 895 if purchased simultaneously with MATLAB Student or Student Suite. The add-on products cost オンライン価格表を表示できません if purchased separately.

Add-on product availability may differ for past releases of MATLAB and Simulink for student use. Visit the License Center to find out which add-on products are available for your version of student-use software.

Connect to Target Hardware

Simulink モデルを、Arduino、Raspberry Pi、および LEGO MINDSTORMS robots で直接実行する


JPY 895 税別価格 Add-On Products

With your MATLAB Student or MATLAB and Simulink Student Suite order

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MakerZone へのご参加

Arduino、Raspberry Pi、および LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT で MATLAB と Simulink を使用する製作者のコミュニティに是非ご参加ください。


MATLAB 認定の取得

MathWorks は 2 つのレベルの MATLAB 認定を用意しています。